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Discovery Fast Track

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Notification

Investigators applying to Discovery Fast Track Australian Challenge must notify their Technology Transfer Office (TTO) prior submitting an application. Consulting with your TTO allows you to confirm that your application contains no confidential information, e.g., undisclosed subject matter that may be patentable.

All investigators applying to the challenge will be required to include the email address of a staff member within their institution’s TTO on the application. When an application is submitted, an institution’s TTO staff member is required to provide approval via email for each application.

There are also specific agreements such as the Challenge Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) and the Challenge Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) that your institution will be required to execute should you advance in the Challenge. Early engagement with your TTO will provide sufficient time to review and understand these agreements.

If you have not already done so, please send your TTO an email about the Challenge with a link to the website so they can register to review the relevant Challenge documents.

Click here to notify your TTO if you have not done so already
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